The trip is a race whose main award is an experience. In this respect, these men are the best competitors – real champions. They are even better than they have ever thought. Two cross-country skiers lost in the map and the season of the year, side by side but in one ski run, are undergoing a cross-country odyssey – a wandering journey with an obscure course as well as ending. Ski poles ready, wax your moustache, an encouraging shot of tea and let´s start!

The performance “Cross-country Skiing Odyssey” draws upon The Trick Brothers´ long-lasting experience with street theatre. Their strong points are self-irony, juggling, handling objects, moderate acrobatics and kind humour. The audience will be both mentally and physically drawn into the play whatever it happens. No trace? It does not matter – this show is not traditional in any way!

As a popular German proverb says: “LANGLÄUFER LEBEN LÄNGER” – “Ski-runners live longer”. Laughter and humour are said to make life longer. So discover the elixir of immortality with this performance!

Cross-country skiers: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek

Supervision: Tomsa Legierski

Costumes: Jarmila Enochová

A review:

The juggling duo The Trick Brothers have shown the real jewel. Their Cross-country Skiing Odyssey took only half an hour but it impressed the audience more than other much longer performances. The intention was clear – to deal with cross-country skiing in a funny way and to show possibilities of juggling with skis and ski poles. The choreography was simple and they parodied everything connected with cross-country skiing – snowsuits, caps, racing numbers. The topic was parodied with real easiness but also thoroughly in great detail.

It is especially reputable that The Trick Brothers seriously play in all banal and ridiculous situations and thus they intensify comic effect of the performance whose magnificent highlight is the Czech hymn in honour of the winners.

The dramaturgy of the performance is really excellent. The Trick Brothers are able to show the most banal ideas in a witty and novel way, they masterly work with suspense and make new and new practical jokes all the time.

Alexej Byčko, Taneční aktuality (Dancing News)