Humoresque in movement based on Vančura´s novel Summer of Caprice directed by Veronika Riedlbauchová.

Let the atmosphere of the old days blow on you. At that time men looked after their health and body cleanliness in outdoor swimming pools. They spent time in idleness doing nothing and discussing topics of world importance. When a really charming girl comes to the swimming pool, the story starts and it is not possible to stop it. God damn it!

The world you are going to see is playful because a play comes before actions. As the affection of two sexes is older than rocks and oceans, the play becomes a weapon in the “fierce fight” for the girl´s favour.
So come in, come in without hesitation! The men say the water is warm. The weather is getting clear and it is going to be hot at noon.
The performance is loosely inspired by the novella by Vladislav Vančura. It shows the poetry of the author with ease and humour. A humorous story full of movement that uses circus means of expression – juggling, tightrope walking and paired acrobatics. Mysteries. Humour. Heart-breaking show. Tickets for children and soldiers at nearly half price.

In season 2012/2013 the show was nominated for the Prize Theatre newspaper in Alternative theater and Dance and ballet.

In August 2015, it received the Audience Award performance in the context of the 26th International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Maribor, Slovenia .

Conception and direction: Veronika Riedlbauchová
Stage design: Marianna Stránská
Production: Michaela Holbíková, ART Prometheus
Starring: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek, Kristýna Vlčková

“The acrobatic and juggling talent of the performers was fully shown in their hour-long performance. They also showed the ability of the authors to work with the dynamics of the evening, the circus comic as well as the audience. Using slow, nearly static, passages between lively ones refreshed the performance and enabled the showing of excellent pantomime acts and the unusual use of the theatre space.” Klára Zindulková, Divadelní noviny (Theatre Newspaper)

“On the one hand, not every summer can satisfy us. On the other hand, a really warm and pleasant atmosphere can rise even in February. It can favour us with kindness despite the time of the year seems to be unfavourable. The performance Riverside, loosely based on the novella by Vladislav Vančura, is an experience like this. It was made by the company Trio in a Trick in cooperation with Veronika Riedlbauchová. The evening in Ponec Theatre roused us from everyday monotonous routine, stress and rush and it took us to the world of humanity and understanding.”
Prof. Miloslav Klíma, the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts
Theatre art, in which circus discipline in combination with motion theatre, represents today’s New circus as a form of art, who’s goal is to be theatre and not a popular show. In that aspect I can say that in Plovárna I saw a truly dramatic New circus in the Czech scene. Purely home provenance. Finally. Radim Vizváry for Taneční aktuality, actor, pedagogue, mime

“The trio of participants – Kristýna Vlčková, Adam Jarchovský and Václav Jelínek – is managing everything with natural lightness and recasting acrobatic pieces with tendreness and humor from a fragile variation to an amorous triangle. And suddenly the girl smiles, packs her suitcase and leaves. Was it reality or a dream? Who knows, but I know for sure, that I was a witness of something beautiful, extraordinary. And in the next opportunity, I will make my way to Plovárna once again. “ Zdeněk A. Tichý

„Already I was losing hope and started to doubt Dionýzo as such! From Friday evening from one performance to another, but none roze me to enthusiasm, the kind a person experiences from the touch of relative perfection. Yes, not seeing Dášeňka would have been a loss and I will surely go see it again, but…
This evening a coveted miracle occured, and that under the inconspicuous name of Riverside!
The groupe The Trick Brothers – Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek and Kristýna Vlčková under the lead of the author and director , Veronika Riedlbauchová, enacted a wholly original, chamber „new circus”, with an hour long lyrical pantomime (as you will: nonverbal motion theatre) combined with expression dance. A paradigm of expresional resources contained by pantomimes and dance artistics, rope-walking, juggling. Petr Pavlovský