Humour and weirdness in a funeral cocktail directed by Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauch.

It is with deep regret that we announce to all relatives as well as strangers, friends as well as enemies, the living as well as the dead that our beloved husband, father, son and the holy spirit has left us forever. We will accept your condolences with pleasure.

Our funeral parlour offers a wide range of services: juggling with the deceased, acrobatics with the widow, pole Dance of Death, or laying into a coffin. Our extra services cover dead music during a funeral ceremony, a weeping speaker, freshly cut onion and black boxer shorts for the deceased. The staff is so well-trained that they are able to satisfy all the requirements placed into a grave. We do not bear responsibility for the development of any undesirable situations.
Taste the funeral cocktail of black burlesque and poetic scenes made up by circus means. New author´s performance The Funeral is the latest nail in the coffin after the successful Riverside. It has been made in cooperation of The Trick Brothers Company with director Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauch. So don´t hesitate in order not to miss the performance!
P.S. We would like to inform you that the deceased is entitled to get two days off from their employer.

It is not surprising that Václav Jelínek and Adam Jarchovský alias The Trick Brothers together with Mattia Comisso show juggling mastery because their skittles are usually damn high. Besides, it is really pleasant to meet more “theatre” thanks to natural dramatic performance, powerful little gestures and suspense that is kept during the whole show. Furthermore, minimalistic pure funeral stage design and compact funeral music, supporting the action like a gravedigger´s shovel, enable the performance to go with a swing so the audience is not allowed to breathe their last.
The plot gradually develops and grows stronger and the seeming funeral burlesque becomes poetic physical theatre. Dominika Prokopová, Fullmoon
The Funeral proves that juggling and acrobatics are not only circus acts but also theatrical elements that are able to carry a story as well as lines.
Veronika Riedelbauch as the author of the draft and director again finds the harmony of technical skills and theatrical way of thinking. A formal funeral is an ideal place for developing a bizarre burlesque. The performance is based on juggling, pole dancing and acrobatics. The performers do not speak much and the emphasis is laid especially on movement, as it is common in new circus performances.  Dominik Melichar, Divadelní noviny

As for the acting, Klára Hajdinová has attracted me most by her credible performance. Her role provided her an opportunity to show a really wide range of emotions. She looked really convincing, confident and graceful in the acrobatic memorial sequence. Veronika Coufalová, generace
Death notice and preparation of the funeral ceremony (author and director): Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauch
Funeral arrangement (stage design): Ján Tereba
Farewell music (sound design): Matyáš Řezníček, Jakub Borovanský, Matěj Vejdělka
Light at the end of the tunnel (light design): Ondřej Kyncl
Funeral service (production): Michaela Holbíková and Art Prometheus
Grieving relatives (the cast): Mattia Comisso, Klára Hajdinová, Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek, Kristina Spirulina

The performance has been subsidized by the capital city Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and it has been made in cooperation with the centres Cirqueon and Jatka78.